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202 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Dr. Posey gave me the O-shot and my life has improved. I suffered stress incontinence for several years and tried different treatments, including a shot of collagen. The collagen shot helped but eventually wore off. The O-shot has helped my stress incontinence and improved my sex life. I would recommend Dr. Posey and the O-shot to anyone.

  2. I had the O shot the week before Christmas by an approved provider trained by Dr. Runnels. I have had extremely poor results, in fact, making it almost impossible to achieve an orgasm at all! I had no trouble with achieving orgasm before with a vibrator, but was hoping for better luck with intercourse. Now, I have no desire, and almost feel numb around my clitoris. The dr that did my procedure immediately said I would need at least two treatments, at $1600 plus tax per procedure. I am scheduled soon for the second one but read on this site that Dr Runels said it is not recommended as a two injection procedure. I would love to hear from Dr Runels or someone in his office for advice. thank you very much for reading. do your research before doing this! you may be worse off than before and $1600+ poorer.

    • Hello Priscilla,

      Thank you for writing. I’m sorry about your results. Here’s a few things to know.

      1. At only about 3 weeks post procedure, it’s just now time for the procedure to START to work (takes a full 2-3 months for full effect.

      2. Though both pain and sensation sometimes get worse before better, there has never (out of literally millions of injection in the face and over 10,000 injections in the vagina) a case of PRP causing damage to nerves and sensation. It’s actually used to restore nerve tissue in some studies.

      PRP is not inert. It actually causes a reaction at the cellular level that stimulates stem cells, os there must be time for growth. Those who see an immediate response are seeing stimulation from the volume of the initial material, but the growth starts at about 2-3 weeks. We have seen a few women where sensation decreased before coming back stronger than ever.

      We are essentially creating an artificial scab…like on your knee when you fell as a child. When the scab goes away, it is replaced by new healthier tissue, but while it’s there it can decrease sensation.

      So please, give it time. Anything can happen with the most simple of procedures (which is why we have a consent form that lists the possibility of a change in sensation). But so far we do not have anyone who was left with a permanent decrease in sensation and 65% improve with the first injection and it jumps to 85% after the second.

      3. So, it’s way too early to get another injection or to give up hope!

      4. The procedure is absolutely cumulative (gets better with repeat injections) in the face, in orthopedic indications, and with the O-Shot and the Priapus Shot). So, Dr. Runels has not said that is should not be injected for the second time, only that the majority of people are well after the first one.

      5. It’s too early for the provider to hit you up for a second injection. We are very very careful to keep the quality of our providers high. There is no guaranteed safe procedure. Around 30,000 people per year die from bleeding ulcers just from taking a simple aspirin. But so far we’ve had not one serious side effect with the O-Shot, so don’t give up…with over 10,000 done so far and with using a material that’s used to make scaring BETTER and to make nerve tissue GROW, your symptoms will likely be temporary.

      6. So, please give it another month. Also, if you want, contact Dr. Runels on the following email address privately and let him know the details of your case so that he and your provider can discuss. Many of our providers also return the money if someone does not get a good result (which hardly any doctors do anywhere) so talk it over with your provider at the 8-10 week mark. No procedure guaranteed, but no reason for you to feel ripped off. For many women, however, the biggest benefit comes around 8-10 weeks (remember it STARTS to work at 3 weeks, so way to early to give up).

      Also, consider a testosterone cream applied directly to the clitoris (talk over with your provider) to act synergistically to promote health to the inner clitoris (like two fertilizers at the same time).

      Please keep us posted as things progress. Several have blogged about less than ideal results initially, and then added later that things were wonderful!

      • Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough reply. I will do as you suggested and wait. If things do not improve I will contact Dr. Runels as you suggested via private email. Thank you so much and it helps me to decide about my follow up appointment. I am not opposed to paying for another procedure IF that is thought to be best at one month. From your professional opinion and advice, I am much more comfortable waiting. Even possibly seeing Dr. Runels himself for follow up. Thanks again.

  3. I had breast cancer and cannot take hormones. After chemotherapy , intercourse became very painful even with lubricants. No sex drive. Since the O-Shot, the pain is gone and my desire is returning. My husband is sending Dr. Posey flowers!

    • Thank you very much, Mrs McHugh for letting us know. Between the lines we can see your courage and the love between you and your husband. You are very kind to share your encouraging story.

      Of course estrogen helps keep vaginal tissue healthy. But in those women who have suffered from breast cancer and trying to avoid estrogen, the O-Shot procedure gives a possible alternative.

  4. This is my second comment. Dr Posey did my first O shot procedure and I had less than satisfactory results. I was very unhappy as I have suffered with difficulty to have orgasms for years. I was married 17 years before had I had my first orgasm and that was with a vibrator. I was 38 years old. Early in my marriage, Masters and Johnson published their first research and I read all the books cover to cover. When I divorced, I experimented, trying to find the solution unsuccessfully. I knew I could use a vibrator, but it was not easy and took a long time. Few lovers were interested in helping with this. I had one who was able to help. I always felt less than other women because of this problem even though to look at me one would never guess. at the age of 40, I looked like Rita Hayworth with natural beautiful red hair. I looked hot. And I was. I wanted it, and I was never satisfied. To compound my frustration, I now have problems with incontinence.
    During my follow up visit with Dr Posey, we discussed my concerns and her reaction to my posting on this page. Dr Posey reassessed my hormone level and repeated the O shot. During the procedure this time, she inserted a catheter into my urethra to assist with anatomical reference. She realized my urethra deviated to the left and adjusted the application of the intravaginal injection accordingly. the lab work showed that I lack the enzyme to assimilate Testerone. I am the second patient she identified this in. Dr Posey stated that that she was adjusting my bioidentical Rx and starting me on Testosterone shots.
    Since the last procedure a few weeks ago, I have noticed an improvement with my incontinence. Also, my ability to orgasm has greatly improved, less than 6 minutes today! I greatly appreciate Dr Posey listening and hearing my concerns and helping me. I was already sold on the O shot, even when I did not respond with the first procedure. I’m relieved to know that an inability to assimilate Testosterone is a contributing factor to my ability to orgasm, that it is a medical issue and ‘not in my head’. I hope the shot doesn’t wear off too soon.

    • Thank you for your follow up comment.

      Yes, it’s actually dihydrotestosterone that provides much of the benefit and many physicians do not test for this. If you’re one of the ones who do not convert testosterone to dihydrotesosterone, you may get O-Shots and use testosterone religiously and never see results.

      It’s wonderful that Dr Posey found this about you and corrected it. Dr. Posey is an experienced provider of the O-Shot and board certified gynecologist who has been helping tremendously as we research how best to use this new tool

      You also make the very important point that this is NOT a magic shot. It makes vaginal tissue healthier, but the whole orgasm system and all it’s components must be considered

      The last part of this book outlines what should be checked (click).

      Read it free on Amazon. If you buy it, all of the money used for research. Here’s the current project we are finishing.

      Keep us posted. Things should continue to improve.

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