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123 thoughts on “Reviews

    • the application for research using the O-Shot (R) procure to treat Lichen Sclerosus can be found at

      But, anyone who does the O-Shot (R) procedure (listed here) would know how to treat you. It’s just that the $94,000 budget for the procedure to provide free treatment for the study would not apply if you saw one of the physicians in his/her office.

      I hope you find healing.

  1. I’ve had vaginal rejuvenation done 8 yrs ago. I have had issues with getting aroused ever since. I have found out that since I was hormone lacking, that I didn’t heal as well. I have been on hormones for the last 7 yrs, and have come a long way. I am wondering if I could be helped by this procedure? Am I a good candidate? Also, I should mention, I have recently noticed periodically I leak a couple drops when I sneeze. As it just started, wouldn’t this be a good time for the shot?

    • Hello Theresa,

      Unfortunately, some of the “rejuvenation” procedures do use surgery and lasers.

      Now, take away the pretty words and say that more plainly…some of the rejuvenation procedures use cutting and burning…sounds scarier that way. And, they can (NOT “always” or “usually” but honestly “can”) leave you with pain or loss of sensation.

      On the other hand, surgery can be a “natural” healer…the extra tissue or the abnormal tissue removed.
      The O-Shot (R) providers are NOT anti-surgery…sometimes it’s the only way to find healing.

      On the other hand, the O-Shot (R) procedure is NOT surgery or lasers but instead uses the same material (blood-derived growth factors from the woman’s own blood) that the woman would make on her own to heal after surgery or lasers. Hopefully, when doctors do episiotomies or meshes or slings in the future, they will eventually incorporate the O-Shot (R) procedure as part of what they do.

      You are an excellent candidate for the O-Shot (R) since it could help restore sensation and still leave you with the benefits of the surgery you had (I’m guessing there was some tightening done?)

      We’ve seen women find complete relief of their pain or loss of sensation after having episiotomies, slings, and meshes, and after vaginal “rejuvenation surgery”.

      Your chances are better if you get hormones at optimal levels. Also, there is NO perfect medicine or procedure, including the O-Shot (R) but I think the O-Shot (R) offers you a high possibility of success…and also the best possibility of success.

      Have you seen this research done by the inventor of the procedure (Charles Runels, MD) and three of his colleagues [Drs Melnick, Roy, & DeBourbon] (click here). You’ll see that the procedure is not perfect, but some of the women went from a very high distress level (translates into avoiding sex) to very low levels… (as in crazy fun sex).

      If your gynecologist or family practitioner wants training, please send them to this page. They will probably also want to see the research paper published by Dr Runels, Melnick, Roy, and DeBurbon.

      If you want to see someone who’s already doing the procedure, then…
      Here’s where to find the closest provider.

      As for the urinary leaking when you sneeze, you have a very high chance of complete relief.

      Hope you find healing. Please keep us posted about your progress so other will benefit.

  2. I also wanted to mention, that during, sex, I have fluid that gushes out. My husband claims that I am ejaculating. I’m not so sure.
    Thanks Again

    • Some who ejaculate are excreting urine, some fluid from the skene’s glands…ether way is a form of ejaculation associated with pleasure. If you and your husband are having fun and getting close…doesn’t really matter what a chemist would find if she analyzed the fluid. The things that matter most cannot be measured.

  3. I have a issue with having “O” I am 63, but I can not afford to get one because it cost way to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So unless you have a lot of money you are left out not so different that is the way with all things medical. It is a shame that only the wealthy matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Nona,

      It does seem that way sometimes (that only the wealth matter). Money does seem to make health care easier, there’s no denying that. Of course, everyone matters, and everyone matters the same so let’s talk about your situation.

      Unfortunately, until we do enough research, insurance will not pay for the procedure. And, unfortunately, if physicians routinely offered procedures for less than it cost to do the procedure, then they could not keep the office open. The last research done showed that the average family practitioner pays so much for nurses and insurance billing and taxes that she does not break even every day until after the 21st patient. So, at 15 minutes per patient, the doctor would break even around 2pm. Of course, many people need more than 15 minutes time, so often the doctor has trouble breaking even before time to go home! For the first time in the history of the US, it’s be come difficult for a primary care physician (meaning there’s no expensive surgery to help pay the bills) to keep the doors open–so you have doctors quitting because they have to either lose money by going to work or else see so many people every day and so quickly that they don’t feel like they can take good care of them.

      Some find this hard to believe, but it’s a very real problem.

      As for the O-Shot (R) procedure, the cost of time and FDA materials used for the procedure mean that the doctor must charge the current fee or else risk losing money.

      On the other hand, the cost of an O-Shot (R) is less than a new set of tires for most cars and less than a new transmission or most extensive auto repair and your vagina is worth more than a transmission…even the poor can usually eventually round up money for tires and auto repair…so it’s not cheap but it’s within reach of most people.

      Also, many of our doctors do understand poverty.

      For example, Dr. Runels (who invented the shot) lived out of his car for almost a year during one part of his time in school and does still does some charity work. There are many other physicians who do the O-Shot (R) procedure who work at free clinics across the world in their free time. Most of this charity work, however is for the elderly suffering end-of-live issues and for those with severe life-threatening disease.

      We do currently have one research project going where you can be treated for free with the O-Shot (R) if you have Lichen Sclerosus (details by clicking here)

      You’ll notice that the budget for that project is $96,000– to treat only 10 women–so that gives you and idea about why doctors can’t really just do the O-Shot (R) for less than the $1,200-$1,500 price range. Treating a patient as a research person costs more, but even woman getting an O-Shot (R) not in the research will costs the doctor much in time and supplies.

      One option, if you want treatment would be to be sure to be on the mailing list so that when we do more research where you might be treated for free that you’ll know about it (click here).

      Hopefully, we can get enough research done soon that eventually all women can be treated as part of their insurance plan.
      So, don’t give up hope. There’s always a way on the way.

  4. I would love to be considered for this study. I have had LS for years and I am treatment resistant. I sit everynight with icepacks and suffer. I can not find any help anywhere. Please consider me.

  5. I found Dr. Runels through internet research…after my husband of almost 21 years, starting receiving testosterone shots and taking daily cialis…we re-discovered each other and began a very active sex life…in the years prior to this, sex was almost non-existent and we had grown apart, still loved each other but lived more as room-mates than lovers. Sex in my opinion is very important to a relationship as it bonds you as a couple…(one of many articles on this subject)
    I was delighted in our renewed sex life, closeness, and renewed happiness, but there was a problem….
    He worked hard so I could reach orgasm, I could get there, but it took a long time and much patience on his part…it frustrated me…which I think contributed to my sometime inability to orgasm….the result was many times I faked it so he would not feel bad as he worked so hard and so wanted me to reach orgasm…
    I found articles on the O-shot reading about the Vampire lift and researching hormone therapy….
    I had the O-shot Thursday, I was a little “tender” Thursday night but we wanted to try out the new “toy”. I reached orgasm twice, one oral and one vaginal….last night most of the tenderness had dissipated, two oral orgasms in a very short time and one vaginal. We are elated….my clitoris is larger and more exposed and much more sensitive. We are so pleased, he wants to have the P-shot for men. Thank you Dr Runels!

  6. My girlfriend got the shot about 2 1/2 weeks ago for LS. Since then she’s not had any breakouts, but she has had the pre-breakout itching, interesting. How soon can she get another treatment or should she wait a period of time to allow the shot to work?

    • Would be no harm in doing the shot sooner, but likely the full benefit of the shot does not occur until around the 12 week. Most of the benefit, however, by the 8th week. So most likely, the would be no need to repeat until after 8 weeks (if she’s still having trouble).

      The procedure does seem to be additive. So, if she does not see complete healing, she may see more improvement after the second procedure.

      Keep us updated, If you can, see if your friend will post her progress so we can learn from what she see’s

  7. I read with great interest about the o shot in a UK magazine. I am 46 years old and have never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse, though I am able to through masturbation. I had surgery to remove a vaginal sceptum at 17 yrs old as I have bicornuate uterus- I really wish I hadnt sometimes as I worry this damaged nerve endings and contributed to this.
    2 questions- do you plan to offer this procedure in the UK and do you think it might benefit me?

  8. I got the shot exactly 8 weeks ago and still do not feel any difference. The doctor advised me that I would likely not reach my full potential until the 3 month mark but that I would likely start feeling a bit of a difference after 3 weeks. I’m beginning to feel discouraged. I pre-paid for a 2-shot package, but I am moving out of the country in 2 weeks and feel unsure if I should use up my 2nd shot or wait until the next time I’m in the country (which will likely be in a few months).

    I still feel absolutely no desire, no change in sensation, and my orgasms feel a little different but certainly not stronger…perhaps even a little weaker than usual. Any idea what could be going on?

    • First, be sure the person who treated you is listed here…(click here).

      If not, they are an imposter and I’m not sure you were treated appropriately. Does not matter who they are, if they are not listed on this website, we cannot vouch that they are doing the procedure appropriately.

      “2 Shot packages” are not the usual way of doing this…most are better after one shot…makes me wonder if you were treated appropriately. If not the doctor is not listed, please e-mail Dr Runels at this address and let him know so he can take appropriate measures to protect other women.

      On the other hand, the procedure is not perfect and if you saw no response, there are other considerations with hormones etc, and you should discuss next steps with the person you saw.

      Would you report back here to let us know if you saw a certified provider? Then we can go from there.

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